Friday Photo – September 29, 2017

Cairns represent a trail marker that guides one through uncertain areas in life. They provide guidance, hope, balance, continuity, and confidence on the journey down the path of life.

~John P. Kraemer

Today’s Friday Photo is the second of a six-week theme to commemorate my completion of the 2017 Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge. Each week will feature a photo I took on the trail to the peak, or from the summit of the peak itself.

This photo was taken while on my way back down from our 12.5-mile out and back trek to Cucamonga Peak (Peak Number Two in the Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge). It features that odd, yet beautiful hiking sculpture: The Cairn. This one was located in beautiful Ice House Canyon. The vast majority of rocks in this large, dry creek bed are a beautiful, natural white, and they look awesome when you’re looking down at them as you ascend the trail high above. Like last week’s rock formation in the shape of a heart, this type of art is also temporary. Cairns have a tendency to stick around longer but still, a rainstorm can destroy it, or even some malicious person. Given this fact, I needed to capture the moment. This cairn was a larger one at about two feet in height. I’ve yet to try my hand at making one. Some day soon though.

~ Photo Taken June 24, 2017, 2:23 pm


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