You’ve Reached The Trailhead

Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


Welcome! As I approach the anniversary date (May 7, 2016) of my first full year of hiking on a regular basis, I’ve come to the conclusion that this interest-turned-to-passion is not going to go away. And with this announcement comes, well…..This! My own chunk of wilderness on “The Net”. Here, I plan to fill it with “photologues” of some of the most interesting hiking experiences I’ve had, commentary of all sorts, via my blog, and reviews of some of the gear I use, and am interested in possibly using. As you may have experienced yourself, many people out there are already doing this, so it will be my goal to present my version in a new, intriguing, and engaging way. So, once again dear visitor, welcome! And please return often. The trail is always open.