It’s HOT Outside But I Still Wanna Hike

There have been a lot of incidents recently where hikers have gone missing on trails that are known to be very warm in the summertime. With the proper preparations you can prevent these kinds of problems from happening to you.

Hiking in HOT Weather

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Here’s to Another Great Year of Hiking!

And it’s the invaluable advice, input, and really just hiking with them, that has made me not just a better hiker, but also someone who sees more value in experiences rather than material things.

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Today marks the anniversary of one full year of putting some quality, consistent hiking into my lifestyle. As far back as I can remember, I’ve always hiked off and on throughout the years but never on a regular basis. I regret that a little bit because I’ve discovered that we have some very beautiful mountains right here in SoCal. Then there’s Zion National Park, which I have been visiting annually for the past 10 years. Continue reading