Friday Photo – August 18, 2017

Wars will never cease, is there time enough for peace, the lily of the valley doesn’t know…

~Freddie Mercury – Lily of the Valley

Today’s Friday Photo features a beautiful pair of Wild Mountain Lilies sitting high atop Echo Mountain in Pasadena, California. These lilies are actually more similar to the Easter Lily and Avalanche Lily. Beautiful wildflowers such as these are in full bloom in the springtime. Not only on Echo Mountain but just about every mountain road and trail that you can think of.

Lilies, such as these, often remain in bloom through most of the summer as well. I was at Echo Mountain about two weeks from the date of this blog, and there were still lilies present in the same area where I took this photo, which was back in May of this year. Wildflowers are one of my biggest excuses to go hiking in the springtime. It’s amazing just how many different types and colors there are out there.

~ Photo Taken May 26, 2017, 9:31 am


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