Friday Photo – June 23, 2017

In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.
~John Muir

Today’s Friday Photo is a colorful collage created by many points of interest among different types of terrain. The vantage point is along the final ascent to Potato Mountain (elevation 3,422 ft) in the foothills above Claremont, California. From this point we see a vibrant display of chaparral in the foreground made up primarily of sagebrush and manzanita. Moving outward, we see the base of Brindle Mountain, then soar over Spruce Canyon to catch a glimpse of the spine of Turtle’s Beak, gateway to Ontario Ridge. The mountain ranges overseeing all of this are part of the Angeles National Forest in the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument. The two prominent “twin peaks” are Ontario Peak (elevation 8,693 ft) in the foreground, and Cucamonga Peak (elevation 8,859 ft) photo bombing in the background. To left of Ontario Peak we see a small portion of the infamous Devil’s Backbone Trail which leads to Mount San Antonio (elevation 10,064 ft), aka Mount Baldy.

There are a few different ways to summit Potato Mountain. The “standard” hike is a 5.0 out and back on the Evey Canyon Trail. It’s a moderately strenuous hike with about 1,200 feet of elevation gain.

You can also make a 12 mile hike to Potato Mountain by going up the first portion of the Claremont 5-mile Loop Trail along Cobal Canyon Fire Road, head east at the Palmer Mountainway Junction and take that out to Potato Mountain. Return the way you came and finish the 5-mile loop. This is a more strenuous hike with about 1,920 feet of elevation gain.

Then there’s what people call the “mountaineering route”. This strenuous route takes you up a use trail on the east face of Potato Mountain, and has 1,200 feet of elevation gain in a three mile hike!

~ Photo taken December 17, 2016 10:47 AM


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